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The ultimate photo and video sharing platform designed to celebrate the beauty, culture, and experiences of Africans around the world.

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Share your laughter, your celebrations, your traditions, and your unique perspective. From heartwarming family gatherings to awe-inspiring artistic creations, every photo and video shared on Parachoot adds to the rich tapestry of African life, wherever it's lived.

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Home Feed

Here you will see all posts of the people you are following.

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Here you will find posts from users around the world.

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You can customize the look and feel of your profile page.

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Live Streaming

You can go live and engage with your audience.

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You can easily chat directly with your audience from the app.

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You can share your daily highlight that only last for 24 hours

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Here you will create or upload photo, video and text.

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You can do audio and video call with anyone in the app.

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Private Account

with just one swipe, you can switch from public to private account. 

And many more!

Download the app today to experience the best social media platform with beautiful and well crafted user interface.

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