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Requesting for account verification

The Purple Verified badge on Parachoot lets people know that a profile of public interest is authentic. and Parachoot has confirm that the account is the authentic presence of the public figure or brand it represents. 

Is my account eligible for verification?

For your account to be verified, it must be:


Authentic:  Your account must represent a real person, business or a legal entity. you will need to confirm your identity with Parachoot in order to be verified. Depending on your category, we will ask you to provide one the following.


1. An official website that references you or your organization.


2. An official email address with a domain relevant to the category you choose.


3. A photo of a valid official government issued identification document, such as your driver’s License or Passport.

4. For a business or an organization, you may be asked to provide a certificate of formation, article of incorporation, phone or utility bill.


Notable: Your account must represent a well-known or a popular person, brand or entity. To verify your Notability, we will ask you to provide one of the following:


1. Provide a link to your other social media page.


2. Provide at least one link to a news article that are about yourself, business or entity. These articles cannot be a self-published content.

Complete: Your account must have a complete and Accurate information about you or yourself, business or entity. your account page must have a name, description, profile photo, at least one post, official email address or number.


Your account must be public and must have not violated Parachoot terms in the past 6 months.

Parachoot also have other ways of assigning profile badges automatically. 


Note: Parachoot reserves the right to remove your profile badge from your account if found to be in violation of the Parachoot terms and condition.

Apply for verification below

Verification Form

Thank you! we'll review your application and a team member will be reaching out to you very soon.

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